Why Does Mike D Evans Have a Museum in Jerusalem?

Why Does Mike Evans Have a Museum in Jerusalem?Answer Facet No. 1

That’s a good question. It’s not only a good question, it is a question that deserves an answer. Because the question is so important, it follows that the answer must be also. But, if the question is simple, the answer is not. Rather, it is multifaceted. There is no single answer. But, when all of the facets that comprise the answer are presented, there is no longer a need for the question to be asked.

This, then, is the first facet of the answer. Please continue to follow this series of articles from beginning to end. Somewhere along the journey you may find the answer for yourself, even before we finish.

 Facet #1 – We All Believe That God Is Who He Says He Is

Moses asked the name of the one speaking to him from the bush that burned but was not consumed. The answer was “I AM that I AM” (in the Hebrew, הָיָה, or hä·yä). He is the same I AM who spoke to Isaiah and told him that “I AM God, and there is none else; I AM God and there is none like me.” He is the one who told Abraham, “I AM the Almighty God. Walk before me, and be thou perfect.” He is the one who is the Lord God of Israel. He is the one whom Elijah called the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

He alone is God. There is no other, and there is no other like unto Him. He is the God who created the heavens and the earth. He is the God who called Israel out of bondage and into the land promised to Abraham, to make it their home. It is the land in which the nation of Israel exists today.

That is the truth. If anyone believes otherwise, he believes a lie, because there is only one truth. All truth comes from God. Apart from Him, there is no truth, no matter what men may say. “He is the Rock. His work is perfect, for all His ways are judgment; a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is He.” He is the only wise God from whom all wisdom emanates. To recognize who He is and to follow Him is to have good understanding. Only the fool says that there is no God or that there is any other.

We all, including Mike D Evans, believe that God is who He says He is. We believe in the only God, Jehovah – the one who is the God of Israel.

Our museum is here in Jerusalem, Israel because we believe God and we believe that every word that proceeds out of His mouth is true. We believe, therefore, that the Promised Land of the Bible belongs to the Lord and that He has given it to Israel. We believe that prophecy is being fulfilled in Israel every day as more and more Jews make their Aliyah. We believe that Jerusalem is the God-appointed capital of Israel and that it, therefore, belongs uniquely to the Jews and those who believe that Jehovah is God.

We believe that Jerusalem is a special place with a special purpose for true Christians and Jews. We believe that anyone who loves Jehovah God with all their heart and soul and strength will love what He loves. He loves the Jewish people and Israel. Therefore, because He is who He says He is, we love the Jewish people and Israel as well.

That is the first facet of the answer to the question. It should be perfectly clear. We believe that God is who He says He is.

Not Just Another Museum

Not Your Typical Place - Mike Evans MuseumThere are already thirty-two museums in Jerusalem. Isn’t that enough already? How can another one add anything to what is already here?

The answer to that question may not come from where most people expect. While most museums are built to preserve antiquities of some form of art, culture or history, the raison d’être for the Mike Evans Museum, officially named the Friends of Zion Heritage Center, and not just another museum, is to tell a love story that has been misunderstood, and even missed entirely, by the tellers of history. It is the story of the enduring love and compassion that true Christians have, and have had, for the Jewish people and now for the nation of Israel.

Dr. Mike Evans has dedicated his entire life to telling the story of Zionism and to encouraging the people of Israel. To this day, he advises Israeli leaders and assists survivors of the Nazi death camps. He has lobbied in the halls of the UN on behalf of Israel, written numerous books in support of Zionism, and boldly stood up and confronted enemies of the Jewish state face-to-face. If love is demonstrated by actions, there can be no doubt that Dr. Evans loves Israel.

This museum is the capstone on a legacy of love for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. It is yet another way of communicating the beautiful story of the love that true Christians have for the Jews.

We cannot undo the despicable acts perpetrated upon the Jews over the centuries in the name of “the church.” But we can, through this museum, illustrate that the political position of the traditional, mainstream church does not represent the true position of countless Christians all over the world who love the Jews and who pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

As Philip invited Nathanael, so we invite you to “Come and see.” Here you will learn the stories of many goyim whom God has used to prove that, when “the righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, [He] delivereth them out of all their troubles.”

Our expectation is that, within these walls every visitor will become acquainted with the stories of men and women who have gone to great lengths to aid and protect the Jews, promote the cause of Zionism and preserve the nation of Israel. But, more than the education, our hope is that each person will sense the love of our staff and realize that it represents the love of multitudes among the nations who also love them.

Politicians and men of high position throughout the ages have misappropriated the Christian label without understanding its true meaning and have often used that label to promote their personal agendas to persecute the Jewish people. Much to our mutual misfortune, this has led to misconceptions that Christians hate the Jews and cannot be trusted. The Mike Evans Museum exists as a beacon of assurance that those misconceptions are false.

We love you, Israel. We pray for your peace, Jerusalem. We bless you, children of Abraham. We know the plans that YHWH has for you, plans for you to prosper. We are here to demonstrate and teach you how much we care, and to share with you the stories of others who have gone before who have done the same. Shalom.

Press Release

2015 Opening of The Friends of Zion Heritage Center
Will Pay Homage to Impassioned Supporters of Israel

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center is set to open in early 2015 as a high-tech homage to the contributions of courageous people who have supported the State of Israel in remarkable ways.

Jerusalem, Israel – October 10, 2014 - Located in the heart of Jerusalem the New Year will bring the opening of a state-of-the art museum that heralds the historical contributions of those who support the State of Israel.  Designed to bring attention to the devoted that have showed immense courage that, in some cases, cost them their lives the museum is an unmatched high-tech experience. Eliciting ongoing support for the Jewish people the museum’s exhibits also bring attention to the issues that face the much debated region.

Extraordinary exhibits at The Friends of Zion Heritage Center include animatronic displays and holograms that allow viewers to meet and hear some of the most important figures in history.  Integrating the visitor’s experience in an innovative way, every visitor can record their own stories.  Using technology similar to what is used at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, New York the museum offers a way for Jewish visitors to record how Christian believers have affected their lives positively.

Onward through The Friends of Zion Heritage Center, sometimes referred to as the Mike Evans Museum, myriad brave stories unfold.  Heroes are highlighted such as President Harry Truman as well as Oskar Schindler for his widely-recognized “Schindler’s List”.  Also recognized in the museum is the courageous ten Boom family who also hid Jews during the Holocaust atrocities.

Visitors will also ride the Time Machine Elevator and meet ancient biblical patriarchs. They will make their way through the history of Israel and watch the Roman destruction of the Temple and Holy City.  Exhibits also include Visionaries of the Promise and Valley of Dry Bones as well as the Promise Theater whereby visitors will be met with a visual and audible message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau.  This exhibit is a heartwarming story of the Prime Minister’s brother who, at the encouragement of his godfather, joined Israel’s military for which he ultimately gave his life.

About The Friends of Zion Heritage Center:

The contributions of those who have supported the existence of the State of Israel.  Celebrating the recent history of numerous Christians, politicians and military leaders in favor of the influential region the high-tech museum is set to open early 2015.

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The Friends of Zion Heritage Center is located at:
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The Friends of Zion Heritage Center

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center“I don’t believe that the Jewish State or modern Zionism would have been possible without Christian Zionism.”
—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“One of the greatest needs of our day is for Jewish people simply to see that they are loved by Christians.”
—Dr. Mike Evans

“I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” —YHWH

For thousands of years the Jewish people have suffered at the hands of much of the rest of the world, often being forced to dwell as unwanted sojourners in foreign lands, being blamed for every problem imaginable, from causing the plague to being too successful or influential. But the promise of YHWH to Abraham has never changed. And, although it may not have seemed so at times, there has always been a core of people who have demonstrated their love for God’s chosen people. These people are best described as Bible-believers, for that is the very reason that makes them love the Jewish people. They believe what the Bible says about them.

The common identifier for Jews and Christians is that they love the Lord God with all their heart, all their soul, and all their strength. Unfortunately, there are many who, throughout history, and even now, have labelled themselves as Christians, but who do not know the God of the Bible, the God who created the universe and who chose the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be blessed among the nations. Their anti-Jewish actions have caused millions of Jews to be skeptical of anyone calling themselves “Christian,” including those who say that they love Israel.

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center has been established in the heart of Jerusalem as a testimony to, and a remembrance of, the thousands of Righteous among the Nations who have stood for and with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, often putting themselves and their families at risk of great peril, and even to the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives to help form, build and defend the Zionist state of Israel.

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center share the stories of some of the many who have built, and are building, bridges of love between Christians and Jews. In its halls visitors will witness untold stories that have been hidden for years behind the headlines of horror and tales of atrocities imposed upon the Jewish people. It is our hope that these stories will help the people of Israel to realize that there are literally hundreds of thousands more of these righteous people who, although their names will likely never grace these walls, pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem, the state of Israel and for Jewish people everywhere.

Surrounded by enemies whose goal is to wipe Israel off the map, the Jewish people need to know that there has been, there are, and there will always be friends of Zion around the world. We believe that, through this Center, the people of Israel can be encouraged by knowing that the whole world is not against them. Bible-believers love what God loves. We know that He loves Israel. We do too, with a love that will not only endure, but grow stronger with each passing day.

Please, join us at the Friends of Zion Heritage Center and become acquainted with some of the Gentile Defenders of the Promise, Friends of the People of Israel, and Heroes of Zionism. Your perspective on the past and present will change, and your hope for the future will burn brighter.