Not Just Another Museum

Not Your Typical Place - Mike Evans MuseumThere are already thirty-two museums in Jerusalem. Isn’t that enough already? How can another one add anything to what is already here?

The answer to that question may not come from where most people expect. While most museums are built to preserve antiquities of some form of art, culture or history, the raison d’être for the Mike Evans Museum, officially named the Friends of Zion Heritage Center, and not just another museum, is to tell a love story that has been misunderstood, and even missed entirely, by the tellers of history. It is the story of the enduring love and compassion that true Christians have, and have had, for the Jewish people and now for the nation of Israel.

Dr. Mike Evans has dedicated his entire life to telling the story of Zionism and to encouraging the people of Israel. To this day, he advises Israeli leaders and assists survivors of the Nazi death camps. He has lobbied in the halls of the UN on behalf of Israel, written numerous books in support of Zionism, and boldly stood up and confronted enemies of the Jewish state face-to-face. If love is demonstrated by actions, there can be no doubt that Dr. Evans loves Israel.

This museum is the capstone on a legacy of love for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. It is yet another way of communicating the beautiful story of the love that true Christians have for the Jews.

We cannot undo the despicable acts perpetrated upon the Jews over the centuries in the name of “the church.” But we can, through this museum, illustrate that the political position of the traditional, mainstream church does not represent the true position of countless Christians all over the world who love the Jews and who pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

As Philip invited Nathanael, so we invite you to “Come and see.” Here you will learn the stories of many goyim whom God has used to prove that, when “the righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, [He] delivereth them out of all their troubles.”

Our expectation is that, within these walls every visitor will become acquainted with the stories of men and women who have gone to great lengths to aid and protect the Jews, promote the cause of Zionism and preserve the nation of Israel. But, more than the education, our hope is that each person will sense the love of our staff and realize that it represents the love of multitudes among the nations who also love them.

Politicians and men of high position throughout the ages have misappropriated the Christian label without understanding its true meaning and have often used that label to promote their personal agendas to persecute the Jewish people. Much to our mutual misfortune, this has led to misconceptions that Christians hate the Jews and cannot be trusted. The Mike Evans Museum exists as a beacon of assurance that those misconceptions are false.

We love you, Israel. We pray for your peace, Jerusalem. We bless you, children of Abraham. We know the plans that YHWH has for you, plans for you to prosper. We are here to demonstrate and teach you how much we care, and to share with you the stories of others who have gone before who have done the same. Shalom.

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