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2015 Opening of The Friends of Zion Heritage Center
Will Pay Homage to Impassioned Supporters of Israel

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center is set to open in early 2015 as a high-tech homage to the contributions of courageous people who have supported the State of Israel in remarkable ways.

Jerusalem, Israel – October 10, 2014 - Located in the heart of Jerusalem the New Year will bring the opening of a state-of-the art museum that heralds the historical contributions of those who support the State of Israel.  Designed to bring attention to the devoted that have showed immense courage that, in some cases, cost them their lives the museum is an unmatched high-tech experience. Eliciting ongoing support for the Jewish people the museum’s exhibits also bring attention to the issues that face the much debated region.

Extraordinary exhibits at The Friends of Zion Heritage Center include animatronic displays and holograms that allow viewers to meet and hear some of the most important figures in history.  Integrating the visitor’s experience in an innovative way, every visitor can record their own stories.  Using technology similar to what is used at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, New York the museum offers a way for Jewish visitors to record how Christian believers have affected their lives positively.

Onward through The Friends of Zion Heritage Center, sometimes referred to as the Mike Evans Museum, myriad brave stories unfold.  Heroes are highlighted such as President Harry Truman as well as Oskar Schindler for his widely-recognized “Schindler’s List”.  Also recognized in the museum is the courageous ten Boom family who also hid Jews during the Holocaust atrocities.

Visitors will also ride the Time Machine Elevator and meet ancient biblical patriarchs. They will make their way through the history of Israel and watch the Roman destruction of the Temple and Holy City.  Exhibits also include Visionaries of the Promise and Valley of Dry Bones as well as the Promise Theater whereby visitors will be met with a visual and audible message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau.  This exhibit is a heartwarming story of the Prime Minister’s brother who, at the encouragement of his godfather, joined Israel’s military for which he ultimately gave his life.

About The Friends of Zion Heritage Center:

The contributions of those who have supported the existence of the State of Israel.  Celebrating the recent history of numerous Christians, politicians and military leaders in favor of the influential region the high-tech museum is set to open early 2015.

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VP Sales and Marketing Friends of Zion Heritage Center
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Nahalat Shiv’a
Jerusalem 94240
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